When you’re expecting a baby, there are lists upon lists of things you need. And because this is uncharted territory, and you want to do right by this beautiful being you’re bringing into the world, you buy and do all the things.

What many new parents come to find is that after baby arrives, those checklists leave out some pretty big things. After all, they’re focused almost exclusively on the baby’s needs.

Where does that leave you and your partner? Your jobs, your relationship, your overall well being?

At Soutiens, this is our area of expertise. We firmly believe that parents can have meaningful careers, and that with the right supports and systems in place, that everyone wins when new parents thrive in the workplace. We have years of experience working with new parents and progressive employers, and we want to see you succeed.

Introducing The Return Plan: a comprehensive, self-paced online program to prepare new parents for parental leave. Divided into easy-to-understand modules, topics include:

  • Exploring and understanding your parental leave policies and benefits
  • Communicating with your manager and team - before, during, and after your leave
  • Making the most of your time at home focusing on what matters most
  • Navigating sensitive conversations with your partner before baby arrives (and before you’re both sleep deprived)
  • Learning how to tap into your community to find the support you need
  • Planning for self care, and why it really matters
  • Creating a thoughtful return to work plan that meets your family’s needs and minimizes stress

Like those checklists that served you well in stocking up baby’s nursery, The Return Plan gives you concrete, actionable tasks to feel empowered in entering this new stage of your professional life. The program also includes a downloadable workbook to keep your thoughts organized and share your plans with family and colleagues.

For $149, you get unlimited access to The Return Plan's online course -- and the peace of mind that comes from a thoughtful plan and Soutiens’ experience supporting countless parents in this journey.

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At Soutiens, we are on a mission to help companies attract, retain, and support confident working parents. With the right preparation, mothers and fathers can thrive in the workplace and at home. We specialize in developing comprehensive programming to help expectant and new parents navigate the realities of preparing for leave, returning to work, and juggling the priorities of career and parenthood. Our flexible resources are designed to fit the needs of a wide range of workplaces. Through online courses, onsite workshops, and practical tools, we help companies meaningfully support expectant and working parents. Learn more by visiting www.soutiens.us.

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